When it comes to business ownership, the business value usually takes first place. Therefore, you want to secure the best possible adviser for the sale or purchase of your largest asset.

A Licensed Business Broker adds tremendous value to the sale or purchase of a business. The process of buying or selling a business can be very time consuming. At the end of the day, the main reason to use a business broker is your bottom-line. For both buyers and sellers, using a business broker will mean having an experienced knowledgeable partner representing you in the transaction to help you reach your goals. You will leave the transaction confident that you got the best price and the best terms possible.

We have the experience and objectivity to match your needs, abilities, resources and interests with just the right business.

By working with us, you have the advantage of dealing with experienced business professionals We can introduce you to good business opportunities.

​​​Ramon F. Llaneza Licensed Real Estate and Business Broker


The mission of Ameribusiness is to advise real estate investors, business owners and buyers with business opportunities and maximize their real estate investments and performance. With this in mind, the entire Ameribusiness team is focused on getting the highest benefits for Investors, and Business Owners. Our corporate philosophy revolves around real estate investments and business opportunities.

Thankfully, for Ameribusiness it is not our first time. Our business brokers have the experience to navigate through the process of buying or selling a business, and we will guide you through it. Our business brokers are experienced, knowledgeable partners who work to represent you in the transaction to help reach your goals.

By working with us, you have the advantage of dealing with experienced real estate professionals. We can introduce you to very good real estate opportunities and investments.



Licensed by Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulations. Number CQ1028731



Ramon F. Llaneza Licensed Real Estate and Business Broker. Since 2000 Real Estate entrepreneur, investor and broker.

Being a business owner, investor in real estate, and business with a Degree of Science, and Master in environmental engineering, Licensed Real Estate, and Business Broker has given Ramón a sense of integrity, professionalism and knowledge these are the basic principles on which he has built a successful career.

As a professional, Ramón has a vast experience in executive management, directing and coordinating construction c
ommercial and environmental projects. As president and director of diving, construction and environmental companies for over 36 years, and Licensed commercial real estate, and business broker since 2000. Ramón has proved skills in strategic business planning, as well as a specialist in managing real estate investments and business opportunities.

 Ramón Llaneza along with the entire staff and a professional team at Ameribusiness distinguish themselves as being an International Business Broker company who is committed to personal service.  Working with him in the future, Ramón hopes to meet with you
and have the opportunity to see what kind of doors Ameribusiness can open for you.